A voyage within

A session

A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session consists of 3 parts.

For the 1st part, the introductory meeting,  we really take time to get to know each other a little bit better. You can tell me about your life what you wish to share and what is important to you. You have drawn up questions in advance with regard to relevant themes at this moment in your life. I need this information to be able to place the hypnosis experience in the right context with your questions, so that clarity arises during and after te session. Your questions are my compass. It is not uncommon that during this part of the session many insights allready arise and healing takes place. In this part I will explain what to expect, what you can pay attention to or what not do so that you can enter the session confident and relaxed.

Then we take a short (light lunch) break and start the 2nd part: the hypnosis which lasts a maximum of 2 hours. Using the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique developed by Dolores Cannon and accompanied by my voice, you relax deeply, safely and comfortably. Hypnosis is a deep state of being. You are conscious and you are in control. Everyone is in hypnosis more often during the day than you might think. Every morning just before you wake up and every night just before you fall asleep (and the images and the dreams begin). You are also in hypnosis if you are behind the wheel of the car, you have driven somewhere in autopilot, and you have difficulty remembering it. Another form of hypnosis is when you watch television or read a book.

The hypnosis in theta level consists of an experience that is related to the outcomes of the introductory meeting and your questions. This can be an experience in this present life or another life (in a different time and place), a future experience, but also an experience in an alien setting. You can even experience what it is like to be an ant, a bird, a plant or one of the elements such as the wind. The sky is not the limit in this case! You look at the experience, which arises naturally without making any effort, as if you were looking at a photo, a movie or a play. You come into contact with your inner world full of metaphors and symbols. Your subconscious determines what you will see. And what you see (in whatever form) is always relevant and important in your life right now!

As a guide I ask you questions so that a storyline arises. This inner world full of metaphors tells you something about how you are experiencing your current life and what the theme (or themes) is that you can work on. When you are completely relaxed and ready for deepening, we travel even deeper and there is a conversation that I have with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind gives you an explanation and insight about the shown experiences, symbols, metaphors and answers to your questions. This is also the part of the session in which very deep and transformative healing can take place. You will spent a maximum of 2 hours in this special state of being.

After the hypnosis, we talk about the outcome of the session in the 3rd part. In total, a QHHT session takes approximately 5 hours. An audio recording will be made of the hypnosis session, which you will receive by email the next day. Listening to this very personal and unique recording is a very important part. This is to integrate the session and to properly strengthen the effect of the healing that has taken place. Even more puzzle pieces will fall into place when you listen to the recording. Just like with a dream, after waking up you also quickly forget what the dream was about. This also happens with a session. It is advisable to listen to the recording within 1 or 2 days, then again a few weeks later and of course as often as you need this, because every time you discover something different and so the healing continues.

A session is suitable for

*Unprocessed traumatic events
*Health issues
*Emotional ballast
*Strengthening your self-image, intuition, (energetic) Balance
*Life questions, existential questions
*Gaining (spiritual) insight, need for more awareness
*Relieving palliative disease discomfort
*Pre-terminal preparation for the dying phase

A session is not suitable for

*Severe psychiatric problems such as severe depression, Alzheimer's, bipolar disorder, borderline, psychosis, schizophrenia, very unstable   personality.
*Very serious drug addiction problems that prevent you from being clear enough to benefit from a session.
*Substance use such as alcohol, drugs, severe narcotic medication on the day of the session itself.
*The use of suppressing medication in such a way that you are emotionally too flat to benefit from a session.   Think of high doses of anti-depressants.
*Children up to 18 years old.

Your well-being

Your well-being is the most important thing to me. It is paramount throughout the session. If you don't feel comfortable, we can always take a break. This has no negative effect on the further session. QHHT contains enough techniques to bring you safely into hypnosis and also to get you completely out of hypnosis, so that you can then continue the day completely in waking consciousness. However, it is wise not to plan too much after the session in order to be able to process the experience calmly. I recommend that you eat something small such as some fruit or nuts after the session to ground yourself.

I also recommend that you do not take alcohol or drugs the night before the session, and certainly not just before. This is because alcohol constricts, numbs and aggravates (energetically) and you want to be as light, awake and energetic as possible for the session for the best possible results. This also applies to all (soft) drugs. If you have further specific questions about this, I kindly refer you to the  Contact  form.

In addition, QHHT contains techniques that I use to protect you in a possible emotional scene during the regression, so that you stay in better balance. Of course everything you tell me falls under my professional duty of confidentiality and I will never share anything with third parties without your permission (this also applies to your audio recording).