A voyage within

Frequent Asked Questions

1. Can I be hypnotized?
Anyone can be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a deep state of being. You are conscious and you are in control. Everyone is in hypnosis more often during the day than you might think. Every morning just before you wake up and every night just before you fall asleep and the images and the dreams begin. You are also in hypnosis if you are behind the wheel of the car, you have driven somewhere in autopilot, and you have difficulty remembering it. This is called road hypnosis. Another form of hypnosis is when you watch television or when you are reading a book with fascination. A voyage hypnosis session is not like the hypnosis on television where you, for example, make sounds like a chicken. The Quantum Healing Technique hypnosis is a relaxed state in theta level and you are fully aware and in control.

2. Is hypnosis dangerous?
No, hypnosis is harmless and safe. Sometimes after the session some emotions can be released as a result of the healing. It is therefore wise not to schedule appointments for the rest of the day after the session and to take some rest.

3. Do you have to be spiritual, believe in reincarnation, past lives or the power of consciousness to have a successful session?
No, it is not of importance. If you are willing to step into an unfamiliar process, trusting that you can learn and develop from each experience, a session is for you.

4. What do you do as a QHHT practitioner?
My job is to guide you, working as a team and make sure you are relaxed and confident during your session. Also, to put you in touch with your wise subconscious. This deeper part of you has the answers to all your questions and can offer healing. The subconscious or your inner voice can be heard often during the day. It sounds like a whispering voice in the head to many. We are just no longer used to listening to this voice because sometimes we can no longer separate thoughts from our subconscious, our intuition, also called inner voice. And so we are often out of touch with what our soul really needs. This is different for everyone and unique. With this form of hypnosis, this contact can be re-established in a more conscious way.

5. Am I being controlled by you as a practitioner or taken over by other "forces"?
Many people have the misconception that when they are hypnotized, a higher power takes over their speech and body and starts giving messages. This is not what happens during a hypnosis session. As a client you are fully aware of everything that is happening around you. You have control over your speech and body.

As a guide, it is not my job to steer you, but to take you through your experience asking questions. I will not impose suggestions and will check whether you are comfortable with what I ask you, so that you can decide for yourself and indicate what suits you. It is a collaboration between us. A number of examples of questions could be: where are you, do you carry anything with you, can you describe what you feel, do you want to go somewhere to see what is there, are you alone or with others and are you healthy?

6. Can I make an audio recording or film the session?
Absolutely. In addition, I always make an audio recording myself that will be sent to you the next day. This is because, just like after a dream, you quickly forget the details. The recording also offers healing after the session and often puzzle pieces fall into place. The advice is to listen to the recording the day after the session, then again a few weeks later and then as often as you think necessary.

7. Do I have to do anything special during hypnosis?
During the hypnosis I ask you questions to discover what your subconscious wants to let you know. You only have to express in words the first thing you feel, see, hear, know or experience. 

8. Do I have to bring anything special for the session?
In addition to the questions you have written down in advance, you can easily put on or take fitting clothes. You will be lying on a comfortable and warm bed during the session.

You may feel a little "floaty" after the session. That is why I advise you to bring something small to eat after the session to "ground" more. Think of a snack such as nuts or fruit.

9. Can I bring someone to the session?
No. During the session, everything must be discussed in complete confidence and sometimes we can touch very loaded topics. It has turned out that it is difficult for people to open up completely when someone is present. Only you and I are present at the introductory meeting, the session and the debriefing. You can of course be brought and picked up.

10. What do we eat for lunch?
It is a light healthy and vegan lunch. Light because you do not want to enter the session with a hungry feeling, but also not with a very full (weighted) stomach.
If you have a special diet, it is best to let me know so that we can see what is possible with regard to lunch.

11. Can I have breakfast and coffee in advance?
Feel free to eat your normal breakfast.
Prefer not to have coffee, but if you are a real coffee drinker then I recommend limiting to 1 cup so that you don't get a headache in any case. Coffee (caffeine) can make you a bit restless and this can affect the session. After the session you can safely drink coffee.

12. I'm really just curious. Is a session something for me?
Keep in mind that curiosity alone should not be the reason for a hypnosis session. After all, there is soul work to be done. And that is usually profound and sometimes emotional and hard work. At the same time, people experience a QHHT session as very satisfying and loving, after which they have a calmer and more balanced life from a new perspective.

13. How many questions can I ask?
Any question can be there. On average, clients have 10-20 questions. But if you have more or if you have difficulty drafting, I will help you during the interview. Questions are usually about things you need help with, things you encounter repeatedly in your life and where you want to gain more awareness. Maybe you have meaningful questions such as: what is my purpose in this life, why do I attract a certain type of person every time. You may have questions related to physical discomfort. Ask questions that concern you at this moment of your life.

14. How do I know that I am in hypnosis?
Your breathing is calm, you are relaxed, your words flow without thinking about it, your heartbeat is calm, and you experience a clear knowing or feeling (sometimes even very visual or auditory). What you experience can be compared to watching a movie or a photo. You don't have to do anything for it. If you allow the process to unfold and trust the first thing that comes to mind then the images and feelings will come.

15. How can I best prepare for a session?
You can practice with visualizations a week or several days in advance. Visualizing helps you to better describe what you see or experience during your session. Just before you go to sleep, try to visualize the most beautiful and safest place you can imagine. Try to envision it completely. The colors, the shapes and also be aware of the feeling that you have. Are you there alone or with others? The more detailed the better.
Meditations aimed at visualizations are also suitable for learning to be more in touch with yourself and for preparing well for your session. These can be found on YouTube, for example.

Drink plenty of water the night before and the morning of the session. Do not drink alcohol or use drugs the night before. Do not use hard drugs at least 3 days before a session.
Absolutely no alcohol or narcotics on the day of the session.

Make sure you don't have any appointments after the session. Sometimes a session can be intense and it is nice if you can relax afterwards.

16. Can I stop if I want to during the session?
You can always stop during the session if you feel it is best for you. We can discuss whether you want to continue after a break or not. Together we discuss whether a second session on another day is necessary. I will then adjust the price to this in all reasonableness. But almost always 1 session is sufficient for deep insights and healing.

17. How quickly will I experience the effects of a session?
You can already gain a lot of insights during the introductory meeting. You will notice the most benefit during the session, but especially afterwards. The recording that you receive the day after the session is extremely important to listen to several times. This gives more clarity and healing every time. It is advisable to listen to the recording the day after the session, a few weeks after and then as often as you want.

18. Can I also have a session in my home?
Yes, that's possible if you life in or in very close proximity of Amsterdam. If you prefer to stay in your familiar environment, I can come to your house. A quiet space is needed where you can lie on a bed or spacious sofa so that you can relax optimally.

19. Do you also do the session online? 
Yes, but the training indicates not to do the QHHT sessions online. I can do a Regression Healing (RH) online. This is just as effective and powerful as a QHHT session, but with a different script that is more adapted to the online situation.  Completely safe and you can stay in your own environment. This way it is also possible to do a session abroad, for example. A good working headset with a microphone is a must. the costs are 200 euro for an online session.

20. What do the costs of 250 euros consist of?
These consist of my training, the rent of the room, the lunch with coffee or tea, my preliminary work and after work (on average I spend 6-8 hours per client) and my expertise.