A voyage within

VOYAGE within

QHHT / Regression Healing/ Introspective hypnosis 
A transformative conscious-ness experience to 
peace, love, strength and a life of balance in connection. 

 Under professional and inspired guidance through hypnosis to a place of deep relaxation where you can help yourself to reduce your discomfort and find the answers to your (life) questions.

After a session you can create a physically and psychologically more balanced, conscious, healthy and loving life. Your perspective increases and your self-image becomes powerful.
In case of illness in a palliative or pre-terminal phase, this form of hypnosis can also be used excellently.

It has a powerful effect on relieving emotional, psychological and physical discomfort such as pain or fear. This can lead to more acceptance of your dis-eases and your developmentprocess.

"You are more than just your body"