A voyage within

About me

My name is Olga Brakkee, born, raised and living in Amsterdam. I am a proud partner and grateful mother of two children. In addition to giving hypnosis sessions, I work as a HBO trained and BIG registered nurse in a self-managing district nursing team in Amsterdam. Before this I worked in a hospital for 10 years as a nurse with a specialization in oncology. I have been working with pride and joy in healthcare now for about 20 years. 

Working in healthcare has taught me how to deal with people from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures and in different phases of their lives. From all these often seriously ill and dying people I have learned how to deal with serious setbacks and even death. Because these people taught me about death, I became more and more aware of LIFE. In particular HOW we can walk the path of life. What struck me is that the people who were in harmony the most during their illness or on their deathbed, were also the people who loved themselves during their lives. They were in acceptance and surrender. They have been able to transform their illness and mortality into something from which they derived lessons and meaning. The people who did not accept and were angry, sad or ashamed often turned out to live that way and died fighting and were very restless. It has become clear to me how important it is for our soul to be able to live and die in harmony. Apparently consciously choosing HOW you wish to organize your life not only affects the degree of harmony, health and love in your life, but also just before and during (even after) your death. This intrigued me enormously and prompted me to spend years of self-inquiry to understand this principle even more.

I did this self-inquiry by (among other things) traveling the world and making inner journeys through meditation and plant medicines. Other very big and transformative breakthroughs came through my own hypnosis sessions where I got on speaking terms with my subconscious. That part of myself that really had all the answers to all my life questions. And this part was so loving and wise, and brought so much peace, harmony and balance to my life during and after my session, that I decided that I wanted to facilitate sessions myself. as a QHHT practitioner. And there my journey or Voyage began at the QHHT academy where I am now listed as an official QHHT practitioner. 

I myself regularly exchange sessions with fellow practitioners. This is because I have an infinite fascination and curiosity and because I believe that a person never stops learning. Through the sessions that I experienced myself and the experiences I have gained with clients, I stay in touch with what you, as a client, go through during a session.

My wish for everyone is to experience his or her Voyage during this life here on earth as lovingly, consciously and harmoniously as possible.
My mission is to connect people through hypnosis with their subconscious that has the answers to all their questions and is able to perform psychological and physical healing work. This form of hypnosis is also very suitable for people in the palliative or pre-terminal phase of their disease, especially given my oncological nursing background.

I now use my 46 years of life and work experience, my theoretical knowledge and practical skills and my heart and soul during my hypnosis sessions. You are more than welcome for a unique and very valuable Voyage. Together we will search for answers to your questions and you can help yourself get on the way to an aware and conscious state of being. So you can life a healthy, harmonious, balanced and loving existence!